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Musician Wanted

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Midland, is searching for a substitute keyboard musician who would provide the sole accompanyment music for our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services. 

Music required for each Sunday service includes a prelude, approximately eight minutes in length; three hymns; an offertory, lasting a minute and a half; and a postlude of three to four minutes.  Accompanyment of a vocal soloist may also be requested.  Wednesday evening services include the foregoing prelude and postludes and three hymns.  


Candidates should have experience with church music and be fluent with traditional four-part hymns. The musician’s playing should lead the congregation and support their singing with confidence. There is no choral component in this position.


Salary is negotiable depending on experience.


For more information and copies of audition music, please send your resume to:    with “audition” in the subject line

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